Flossage Spa float tanks in Houston

Couples – all inclusive

Super Summer Detox

2 hours of pure bliss for only $150

Slip into the Aqua massage for 15 minutes to soothe those sore muscles, then get comfortable together in our spacious state of the art FAR~infrared sauna for a 30~minute detox. Followed by a shower together and off into the Float pods for an hour of pure relaxation. Hit the reset, delete the BS and walk out the door ready to take on the world together…

1-hour off-peak float session $45.00

Tuesday through Friday 10am – 4pm book online use code f4500

unlimited float memberships starting at $119.50

Sensory Deprivation Flotation Therapy ~ Aqua Massage ~ FAR~infrared Sauna

Profession Hands~on Massage Therapy

Braintap Meditation

The BrainTap Headset delivers gentle pulses of light and sound combined with visualization, guided imagery and soothing music in the BrainTap Library of audio sessions to take you to the profound levels of relaxation known for focus, learning, achievement and healing.

Aqua Massage

Full body fully clothed massage in just 15 minutes

Learn about Float Therapy

In the isolation tank the body connects with the mind while releasing mental and physical stress. Unlimited memberships available. Aqua Massage only $15!!

Far Infrared Sauna

Heat from the infrared sauna increases skin temperature which helps the body eliminate toxins. Your body naturally eliminates toxins through sweat.

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Charles H.

Today was the second flotation session at Flo-ssage Spa. My wife and I scheduled it for first thing in the morning at 10am. We arrived a couple minutes early and owner Jeff had everything set up to go and waiting for us.

The flotation session was better than the last. (Jeff says you really get the full effect by the third session). Afterwards I sat in the lobby in a state of complete relaxation waiting for me wife.

Jeff and technician Brian were once again amazing hosts sharing information and asking about my session experience. I have to say Flo-ssage Spa is clean has a very relaxing atmosphere/decor and has the best customer service of any gym or Spa that I have gone to.

Tell you a little secret. It all starts with Jeff and the way he treats his staff. There is a little reminder behind the counter for the staff that talks about the power of a smile. Well the largest most authentic smile is on Jeff. Drop in or go to their Facebook page and check out the summer 3 pack special.

Tia J.

I’ve passed by this place for years & I always questioned the services. Thought I’d give it a try today! My boyfriend & I stopped in. So glad we did! Customer service was fantastic! The guy (forgot his name) explained the aqua massage procedure. You lay face down on your tummy for 15 minutes while the water goes from upper back down to your toes. I felt so light afterwards! It relieved my lower back pressure. Since it’s only 15 minutes, it’s something quick to do on your lunch break. You keep your clothes on. The water doesn’t touch you. After we were done, he walked us to the back to show us the flotation spa tub. Will definitely go back to try it! Will definitely become a regular!

J. Joseph

Just had my very first flotation experience yesterday and it was quite amazing. This is something I have been needing for a while and just when I need it the most, I found this little hidden jewel. I did the 60 minute session which truly went by so fast I thought I had only been in there 20 minutes. I’ve checked out completely during several massages over the years but NOTHING like this. The level of relaxation is incomparable to anything I’ve ever experienced and I will definitely be a regular.